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7 tips to develop future leaders

Nature or Nurture?

Long has there been a debate on whether leadership skills are a result of hereditary traits or it can be developed. An academic report was published by University College of London (UCL) showed that leadership is only partially hereditary. What does this mean for every child out there? While many studies have shown that great leaders such as Churchill or Thatcher were born great, there is significant evidence that leadership remains largely a precious skill that can be developed.

Here at SOMOS, we believe each and every child has the potential to develop leadership skills. Here are some tips to develop your child's leadership skills.

1) Be a role model
Children learn through their senses more than we think, seeing and mimicking what others do and rehash what you said. Be a role model, exemplify how a leader should perform, share with them reason being your actions.

2) Provide another point of view in everyday problems
Allow your kids to develop multiple perspectives by looking at different angles. This can be done through getting exposed to different cultures, interacting with different people of different backgrounds.

3) Allow your child to make decisions to solve issues at hand
Children can learn to solve their own problems and issues and allowing them to do so will allow them to learn the concept of responsibility and consequences of making a decision. This can be done by allowing your child start from small and simple decisions from activities such as making their own

4) Develop their teamwork and ability to work in a team
Group activities and sports will allow your child to work in a team and develop collaborative traits and empathy. Children will learn that it is necessary to collaborate to succeed.

5) Show the way to break down difficult problems into simple steps
Children often avoid problems or situation as they feel overwhelmed. Show your child how to break tasks into workable steps and guide them step by step in solving the problem.

6) Let your kids experiment from young
Allow your kids to try out many activities! In this case, they are able to experience their strengths and weaknesses from young, while failing as many times to grow their resilience.

7) Encourage communication and action
Identify problems that are important to your child and help them to come up with suggestions for action and possible solutions. Discuss the solution with your child and allow them to work towards solving them.

Developing your child's leadership skills at a young age will not only help your child to be a leader in the later years, but also help your child to deal with peer pressure in his or her teenage years.

Here, at SOMOS Summer Camp, our camps are designed to develop your child's leadership skills in a fun and engaging manner. From mingling with children with different backgrounds to getting exposed to classes such as Kids Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Basketball. Participants are encouraged to speak up, work with new people whom they met and discover more about themselves while picking up new and valuable skills. Join us for the next run of 21st century themed camps to groom your child's leadership skills!