Learning music does not only involve the technical skills, but also other important skills such as memory, concentration, and physical dexterity. Music lessons at SOMOS Summer Camp Singapore not only develops motor and multisensory skills, but also exposes children to the cultural aspects of music.



Our music lessons are planned with the following objectives in mind:

  • - Give an introduction of music
  • - Provide a hands-on experience with music to train memory, concentration and dexterity in a new situation
  • - Learn about different cultures where unique musical instruments originated


For this programme, we integrate coding, science and bits of musical elements in this programme. Not only can students pick up multi-disciplinary knowledge,
students can also expect to learn to apply their learnings in various fields. This is the best example of integrating what they have picked up over the camp to re-apply to new scenarios!

Activities planned
Our partner


We work with Lyceum Consulting, a leading children's music and art education destination. Armed with qualified teachers with the passion to teach the young, they aim to inspire children and allow them to reach their personal best in a supportive and stress-free environment.