Entrepreneurship hones a wide variety of skills - from creativity, to logical thinking, and even empathy. These skills are the tools for successful problem-solving in real life situations. Starting from a young age helps children build up these skills from the very beginning.



Our entrepreneurship activities are planned with the following objectives in mind:

  • - Provide an introduction of basic business and economics concepts
  • - Give children an opportunity to practice important skills independently
  • - Empower children with the confidence to work on projects and make decisions independently


For 5 Day Camp

As part of the programme, your children will take part in mini games that teaches children the foundational concepts. Through the next few days, they will play more games based of the previous games to build up their knowledge in business and economics. The final activity will consolidate all the concepts taught using a fun marketplace game where children build up their own businesses, with their friends as their customers!

Activities planned
Our partner


Our SOMOS brand is the brainchild of YCP, an entrepreneurial firm with experts from leading companies such as P&G, BCG and Goldman. With our knowledge in business and entrepreneurship at YCP, we develop our own unique in-house curriculum exclusively for SOMOS Summer Camp Singapore students, translating important concepts into fun and interactive activities to encourage children to take charge of their own learning.