As we move towards a technology-savvy world, coding is gaining importance in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Coding lessons at SOMOS Summer Camp Singapore are planned to train children's logical thinking skills without the technical jargon.



Our coding lessons are planned with the following objectives in mind:

  • - Logical Thinking
  • - Knowledge Construction
  • - Skilled Communication
  • - Self Regulation
  • - Collaboration
  • - Real World Problem Solving and Innovation
  • - Use of Technology in Learning


For 5 Day Camp

As part of the programme, your children will be guided through a series of steps to create their very own digital animal dance party.
Through creating the piece that is reactive to keyboard and mouse commands, your children will be exposed to the building blocks of all programming languages, such as variables, loops, subroutines, and Graphical User Interface elements.

Activities planned
Our partner


We work with The Enrichment Ark, a Singapore-based, regional enrichment company specializing in experiential learning, technological education and 21st century skills inculcation as part of their curriculum.