Programme Introduction

Participants can expect to take part in a series of hands-on, 21st century enrichment activities which include Robotics, Sports, Music, Coding, Pottery and the signature Kids-Entrepreneurship built by SOMOS. The 5-Day camp would be more comprehensive in terms of coverage of a wider range of activities, including Robotics and the exclusive Kids Entrepreneurship curriculum designed in-house.

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We work with the most established Robotics Contents provider in Japan, provide introductory Robotics classes in Singapore. Learning about Robotics is not only about learning about programming but also about logical thinking, mathematics in a fun and engaging manner. Starting from making the robots using Lego blocks to simple programming to make the Robots move, participants can expect to train their hands-on skills as well as learning programming in the workshop. At the end of the workshop, participants will partake in a contest that allow them to showcase what they have learnt at the end of the day.
*Robotics will not be covered under 2-Day Camp.

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Partnering with one of the leading basketball coaching provider in Singapore, SG Basketball. SOMOS Summer Camp Singapore aims to bring exciting activities to children where children can expect to learn basic skills of dribbling, shooting as well as elements of sportsmanship, teamwork and building resilience. Towards the end of the session, we will expect a friendly competition that aims to bring out the competitive nature of the children!

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Combining the programming and music, Makey Makey Workshop aims to teach students about electronics/hardware and how they can connect to software. They will learn to appreciate how hardware can be programmed and have interactions with software and hardware (Internet of Things).

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Coding is gaining importance in the world of STEM education as we move towards a technology-savvy world where everyone in world is expected to pick up some computational thinking skills. However, rather than teaching the children how to code, we focus on training the logical thinking of participants. Using contents from Scratch Workshop, children will be exposed to the building blocks of all programming languages such as variables, loops, subroutines, Graphical User Interface elements, without having to worry about the correctness of syntax in any particular programming language. Scratch Workshop will provide the children with an introductory understand of the software side of programming without technical jargons.

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Clay-making and pottery-making helps to promote right-brain creativity in children through hands-on activity. Drawing from their imagination, tactile manipulation and images sourced from the internet, pottery workshop at SOMOS Summer Camp Singapore will encourage children to create exquisite possibilities from a humble material. In addition, students will also be asked to glaze colourants onto the bisqued wares. Through these workshops, we hope to hone children's imagination thinking through exquisite activities.

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Signature contents developed internally by SOMOS' professionals. SOMOS brand is wholly-owned by YCP Holdings, a top investment and management consulting firm in Asia, whose professionals' background include Goldman Sachs, BCG, P&G, UBS, Accenture, McKinsey and many other major firms in various industries. Leveraging on YCP Holdings' entrepreneurial experience in managing and incubating small to mid-sized businesses, children in SOMOS's Kids Entrepreneurship program will be learning the basic ropes of business in a fun manner - through role-plays, games and competitions. Participants will be expected to have basic understanding of businesses through SOMOS' signature Kids Entrepreneur Workshop.
*Kids' entrepreneurship will not be covered under 2-Day Camp for now.