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SOMOS Summer Camp 2 - 3 Sept 2017
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We have completed the inaugural SOMOS Summer Camp from 2 - 3 September 2017! Over the weekend, participants had their hands on Pottery, Coding, Music via Programming and Basketball. With this integrated and holistic approach, the young children are given the opportunities to hone both their hard and soft skills - in the form of logical & analytical thinking, creativity, teamwork, leadership and character development.

"I love the basketball session the most followed by clay moulding session. The coaches are so friendly. They told me teamwork, responsibility and leadership are important for basketball players." --- Janessa Kwek, 8 Years Old

"My favourite activity is making clay figures, i get to create my godzilla! I have lots of fun and want to go again next time" --- Zack Ng, 8 Years Old

It was heartwarming to put smiles on so many kids with potential and glad to see that children are learning so much more from SOMOS Summer Camp! The next SOMOS Summer Camp is scheduled on 18 - 19 November 2017! Please visit our Schedule Page for more details and sign up now! SOMOS Summer Camp 4 - 8 Dec 2017
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We had our first 5-Day Camp in early Dec, covering a total of 7 different activities over the course of 5 days! Our new activities - Kids Entrepreneurship, Cooking, Robotics and Design Thinking have enabled the children to pick up invaluable skillsets such as money sense, dexterity, teamwork and empathy on top of our activities of Clay Arts, Coding and Basketball.

This is our first full-fledged 5-Day which see children picking up 21st-Century skillsets within 5 days!

"Ern has nothing but good things to say about the camp! You guys must have done a great job! Keep it up! I have sent Ern for many camps throughout the holidays, but he has enjoyed this camp the most, especially with Design Thinking and Kids’ Entrepreneurship!"
~Sabrina Tan, Mother of Camp Attendee Tan Ern

Thank you for everyone's support and we look forward to seeing you in our next camp in 2018!
SOMOS Spring Camp 26 - 30 March 2018
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We hosted our first overseas camp for students from Japan, providing the best English-speaking environment for overseas participants in Singapore! What's more, students are provided with an opportunity to explore the heritage sites of Singapore with our cultural site visit of Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Lau Pat Sat, inculcating the concept of global citizenship in the young minds. Over the course of 5 days, the young participants are then exposed to programming & logical thinking from Robotics, Coding, creativity from Design Thinking and Kids Entrepreneurship, teamwork & dexterity from Basketball and Cooking. Most importantly, every participant is now a more confident English speaker, with overseas culture experience along with critical 21st-century skills!

"I don't see the situation of helping or caring friends usually, so it was nice to see it and I felt the growth." (Mrs.T)
"Robotics and other things, I felt it was very nice to see the attitude that I tried to learn by herself on things that I had never done before. "(Mrs. A)

We are opening our holiday camps for the Summer season in July and August, check out our schedule to sign up now!
For large groups, please email us at for more information. SOMOS Summer Camp 2018
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