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Our Concept -21st Century Education

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Uncertain about your child's future?
No problem, pick up 21st Century Skillsets in 2 Days!

What do these skillsets have in common? Doing well academically may be a first step for a child to succeed in the later part of their lives but it does not guarantee the success envisioned by our society today. Fast forwarding to the 21st Century, real-life issues are emerging so rapidly that leaders of the future generations have to think creatively and deeply to solve these issues. With the recognition of the need for modern education methods, SOMOS Summer Camp aims to build the character of children and prepare them to be leaders of the fast-changing landscape of the 21st-Century through a series of hands-on, enrichment and fun curriculum and activities in as short as 2 days!


21st Century Skills

With an integrated and holistic approach, we focus on providing children as much learning opportunities to explore and learn the hard and soft skills. Our activities are comprehensive and future-oriented to help children think logically, critically and creatively. At the end of the camp, children will be equipped with real-life key problem solving skills that are essential to succeed in the 21st Century.


Reputable and Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are carefully selected by SOMOS Summer Camp based on their experience, teaching backgrounds and personalities. We seek teachers who have more than 5 years in the education field and those are passionate about cultivating the 21st Century skills, with the overarching aim of grooming the children to be independent learners and problem solvers.


Brainchild of Leading Global Professionals

The team behind SOMOS Summer Camp is a group of professionals whose past work experience spanned across leading global firms such as BCG, Goldman Sachs, P&G, McKinsey, Accenture, PwC and many other big firms in the world. These professionals received top-class education in the past 15-20 years and they collectively felt that education is key to success in today's world. However, they feel that current education system is not adequate to prepare for their future and emphasize that 21st century skillsets - Need for Global Communication, Logical Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Creativity would be more relevant to succeed in the future.


Cultural Exchange

We are the only summer camp provider in Singapore that emphasizes on cultural experience for our programmes. The participating children will have a chance to experience Singapore culture through the programmes that we have planned. Both local and foreign students will be stand a chance to understand the cultural significance and history of Singapore better, widening their perspectives as a global thinker.


English Speaking Environment

English has always been the first language in Singapore's education system. Our programmes will be taught in English and thus, our camps are perfect for overseas students who are looking to improve their verbal and written English from simple conversations to learning technical terms and knowledge in English. Exposing your child in an English-speaking environment enable them to train their English-speaking capabilities in today's globalized world.


Singapore as a safe country in Asia

Safety of the children is of paramount importance to SOMOS Summer Camp. We ensure that each child is in good hands during our camp with hundred percent emphasis to provide safe environment and facilities for the children. Singapore is also one of the world's safest countries, often touted as the ideal location for children.


Our Offerings

5 Days Camp

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Discovery Camp 12 - 16 March 2018
Course Fee:$1,099.00
Capacity Per Class:20
Venue:All over Singapore

Coming back to you in the March holidays, this 5-Day Day camp will be featuring a total of 7 21st-century theme activities! Over the course of 5 days, the young participants can have their hands on Clay Arts, Coding (2 Sessions), Kids Cooking, Robotics (2 Sessions), our signature Kids Entrepreneurship and Basketball (2 Sessions)!

What's more, we inject a tinge of cultural activities during our camp to allow the young ones to appreciate some of the long lost traditions of Singapore. As enrichment classes can start from $50 per hour, SOMOS provides the best value for money - with just $1,099 for more than 30 hours of activities!

Early Bird Registration is now open! Sign up by 31 January 2018 to enjoy at $100 discount off course fee! *Please enter "early2018" in "Promo code" when you apply.

2 Days Camp

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Techie Camp 10 - 11 Feb 2018
Course Fee:$349.00
Capacity Per Class:15
Venue:Suntec City

Techie Camp is the first in the line amongst our Special Series of Camp! Over the course of 2 days, participants will have their hands on Robotics (2 sessions), Coding and Music with Programming. The young minds will be trained in logical thinking through trial-and-error in the step-by-step building processes, allowing them to learn from their mistakes during Robot Building and navigating the Robot through obstacle course in Robotics session; creating of a simple game in Coding session as well as understanding the mechanics of Science in the part for Music with Programming.

An additional fee of $50 will be charged for the provision of food and administrative costs. (Total Payable: $399)


2 Days Camp

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Techie Camp 10 - 11 Feb 2018

SGD $349.00

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Young Explorers Camp 10 - 11 Mar 2018

SGD $399.00

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Design Camp 17 - 18 Mar 2018

SGD $399.00

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Techie Camp 7 - 8 Apr 2018

SGD $349.00

5 Days Camp

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Discovery Camp 12 - 16 March 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Spring Camp! (Overseas Students) 26 - 31 Mar 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Discovery Camp 18 - 22 Jun 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Discovery Camp 9 - 13 Jul 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Summer Camp! (Overseas Students) 23 - 27 July 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Discovery Camp 23 - 27 Jul 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Summer Camp! (Overseas Students) 30 Jul - 3 Aug 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Summer Camp! (Overseas Students) 6 - 10 August 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Summer Camp! (Overseas Students) 13 - 17 August 2018

SGD $1,099.00

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Summer Camp! (Overseas Students) 20 - 24 August 2018

SGD $1,099.00



I love the basketball session the most followed by clay moulding session. The coaches are so friendly. They told me teamwork, responsibility and leadership are important for basketball players. ~ Janessa age 8

I enjoyed myself in the camp especially 'shaping the clay session' because I could create my own things. ~Jovan Liu, age 7

Basketball was very fun too! I get to learn skills through fun games. ~ Chern Yi, age 9

The basketball session was a fun learning experience, I made new friends, learn about teamwork. Can we have more? ~Jayden Liu, age 9

The interesting activities promoting 21st century skill sets and competencies, coupled with dedicated facilitators, made SOMOS Summer Camp worth the while! There were so many intangible takeaways for my little one, as well as for parent volunteers. We witnessed our children engaged in learning while having an absolute blast with friends. The smiles and the sparkle in their eyes said it all. We’ll definitely be back for more! – Lim Hwee Hwa, Mother of camp attendees Jayden and Jovan Liu

Great delivery, engaging activities and outstanding outcomes. The level of dedication and passion during the session has made this such a great opportunity for my kids! They loved the session and haven’t stopped talking about the camp since. – Lim May May, Mother of camp attendee Janessa Kwek

(All Singapore)

Who are we - Our Value Proposition

At SOMOS Summer Camp Singapore, we aim to empower children age 6 to 12 with 21st century skills by allowing children to learn in an environment that promotes skills, innovation and creativity. Offering robotics, coding, pottery, music, sports and even entrepreneurship programmes in our camp will enable the children to learn the essential critical thinking skills while boosting their creativity, logical thinking and work on their psychomotor skills at the same time. We are also extending the learning opportunity to children worldwide with the aim of providing them an experience of learning in an English speaking and world class education environment. Apart from providing a top-notch learning environment, we are also adding a touch of cultural experience in our activities for foreign students when they partake in our camps in Singapore.

Why SOMOS Summer Camp?


Why SOMOS Summer Camp?
Singapore is well known for its all year-round summer climate, which gave us the idea of "Summer Camp" that will take place all year-round in Singapore. Driven by passion of empowering children, the team behind SOMOS Summer Camp is coming up with programmes that will equip children with essential skills in the 21st century. We strongly believe on the importance of equipping children with critical thinking skills rather than providing traditional rote learning to ensure that they are well prepared in the fast paced and ever-changing environment. Our camps activities are specially designed to meet learning objectives such as imparting real-life problem solving skills, critical thinking while allowing children to express themselves freely and realize their potential at the end of the camps. With our vision to empower children, we strive to provide quality enrichment courses with our very reputable partners and teachers.
What sets us apart is that we extend our offerings to foreign students residing in other countries, with the goal of empowering children worldwide and providing them with a set of internationally recognized skills. We want to let each child experience the world-class education system of Singapore and its holistic English-speaking environment, while immersing in the multi-ethnic culture of Singapore.

Message from SOMOS Summer Camp

Shawn Tan
Shawn Tan

21st century education is getting more important these days. Gone are the days where academic and rote-learning can ensure success in the child's later part of their lives. Given today's hypercompetition and increasing number of graduates, those whom stands out are the ones who are equipped with 21st century skills - Global Communication Skills, Logical Thinking, Analytical Skills, Leadership, Resilience and et cetera. SOMOS Summer Camp is the enrichment camp which seeks to provide such platform for young endeavours, aiming to empower children with such mindsets that will help them to achieve greater things in the future.

Shawn Tan

About Shawn

Shawn is presently the Managing Director for SOMOS Summer Camp Singapore. Having received top-notch education from various educational institutes in Singapore which spanned across Singapore Sports School during his junior high school days; Raffles Junior College during his high school days and also received his Magna Cum Laude from Singapore Management University during his undergraduate days, Shawn believes that educating children with logical and practical skillsets would develop children more holistically and better prepare them for the future.
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